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Our values at Holzbau Maier

When a company like Holzbau Maier is successful over decades, it almost begins to develop its own identity. This is how our partners, customers and employees know exactly what Holzbau Maier stands for, what we do well and what we believe in. This does not happen by chance: over the years we have consistently adhered to our values and beliefs while still continuing to develop. Piece by piece we have not only built many fine wooden buildings, but also our strong reputation.

Our identity is reflected in our 4 brand values:


Nature is the foundation our work: wood is completely organic and 100% biodegradable, making it just as natural as it is pioneering.


Tradition is the most important pillar of craftsmanship: our ties with family, country and the mountains give our customers confidence.


Creativity is our engine of innovation: we aim to inspire with wood – so we are open to new trends and unconventional ideas.


Passion is the driving force for everything we create: every project is close to our heart – and accomplished with commitment and a solution-oriented focus.


These values have shaped what Holzbau Maier has become.
They are the reason you know who you are working with.



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