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Holzbau Maier’s Showroom

Straight from the workshop to the stage


An Austrian farmhouse-style dining room made from recycled wood alongside a contemporary-design office space, striking avant-garde furniture next to a country-house staircase. From the moment you step inside it’s clear that this showroom has what it takes. And above all – variety.


Into the traditional dining room!


Maier inspires with “wood living”. The 300 m2 showroom provides plenty of space to display 150 different types of flooring: solid wood, laminate and recycled-wood floors amongst many others. Built on top of these are lovingly designed examples of living styles: a cosy farmhouse-style dining room with recycled-wood panelling, various offices in fine woods and spaces that combine traditional and modern design, such as a recycled-wood kitchen with integrated bar. The designers are not located in design meccas, such as Italy or Sweden, but rather right next door: almost 100% of the products on display are created through Maier’s design and carpentry.


Take a walk outside!


On the 250 m2 terrace it’s possible to see how a conservatory appears from the outside and how different types of wood withstand the wind and weather.


The new exhibition space not only includes many impressive pieces of furniture, lighting concepts and staircases, but also a visual crash course in wood construction: wood-frame construction, log walls and solid wood walls are presented alongside roof trusses & superstructures, wall cladding and windows. In this showroom you can discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about building with the most time-honoured of all materials.

Well worth a visit!


Handcraft, design, materials: the new showroom excels in all areas. Whether a home builder looking for that something special, an entrepreneur with a penchant for architecture or someone converting or extending a rural building, visitors are free to come at their leisure: the exhibition space in Bramberg is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 noon and 1 pm to 6 pm.

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