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Winter gardens

The structure of a winter garden consists of glue-laminated spruce timber with a colourless base-coating, which is finely smoothed and can assume every colour. The glazing of the lateral parts consists of double heat protection glass, the glazing of the slanted roof of a heat protection safety insulation glass (laminated safety glass in step construction) with a U value of at least 1,1 W/m2K. 


Special profile systems guarantee a controlled drainage. The coverings of the rafters and glass joints in aluminium profiles are available in any RAL colour. 


For the choice of the necessary shadowing we offer expert advice.


Scope of services winter garden:

  • draft plan
  • offer
  • submission plan and submission to the building authorities (at extra cost)
  • foundation plans
  • measurements
  • working and detail plan
  • qualified advise on: sight and sun screens, insect protection, deaeration and ventilation, sound insulation, burglary protection, thermal insulation
  • fabrication, delivery, and final assemblage
  • base coating of the wood construction with quality products (on request finishing at extra cost)
  • structural wood preservation
  • onnections to existent frost-proof foundations and to existent structure under consideration of structural-physical details (sealing, tinning works, etc.)
  •  tin connection works ridge-glass roof with the existent house and on the base
  • rain pipe with downspout or gargoyle
  • service and post-care
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  • Wintergarten_Hoerfarter_480px_01.jpgWintergarten_Hoerfarter_480px_01.jpg
  • Wintergarten_Schernikau_480px_01.jpgWintergarten_Schernikau_480px_01.jpg

Old wood

Old wood can have been used for a house construction for the first time between 100 and 500 years earlier. It is very hard, dry, and shrinks only very little. If in its use the structural wood preservation is considered, for its long lasting no coatings or chemical preservations are required.


Old wood is often used for outside panelling, facings, floors, wall boarding, interior equipment, doors, and roof trusses.


The manifold applications of old wood in new buildings, restorations, and interior constructions are endless.

  • Altholz_Balkon_Detail_480px_01.jpgAltholz_Balkon_Detail_480px_01.jpg
  • Altholz_haus_fam_fritz_480px_01.jpgAltholz_haus_fam_fritz_480px_01.jpg
  • Altholz_Panoramaalm_Rest1_480px_01.jpgAltholz_Panoramaalm_Rest1_480px_01.jpg

Fire protection elements - Tested safety with wood

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Fire protection elements – Escape doors – Panic doors

Tested according to ÖNorm B 3850, with ÜA certificate 

New standardisation according to EN 13916 and EN 14013

EI 30 C = fire-inhibiting; E 30 C = smoke-resistant; E = room closure; I = insulating performance; C = automatic closure capacity; 30 = Zeitraum period of time in which the protection persists, in minutes (protection against catching fire or against smoke nuisance), period of time can also amount to 60 or 90 minutes.

Advantages of the product:

  • tested according to ÖNorm B 3850
  • escape doors corresponding to EN 179
  • panic doors corresponding to EN 1125
  • authorised by the fire protection laws in force
  • complete safety in case of emergency
  • higher sound insulation
  • individual design, suiting your internal doors and your furniture
  • dividing elements of beautiful shapes
  • clearance up to 120 cm

Execution variations: 

  • wood panel doors
  • glass panel doors
  • setback panels
  • superimposed trims
  • different execution of the two sides
  • individual depths and kinds of the door frame
  • surface in every wood species
  • wood surface untreated, oiled, stained, natural or in RAL varnishing
  • special surfaces in metal 
  • glass cuttings: cornered, round, individual shapes
  • door leaf fitting in wood or steel frames

Additional execution variations for modular elements

  • panels in Pyrostop glass, polished wire glass or wood
  • extensible to fit all room widths with modular elements
  • extensible to fit all room heights with glass fanlights
  • grooved panel doors with glass panels
  • individual fashion on both sides
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