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Log house

The log wall consists of edge cut, half-timber spruce with a finished thickness of 6 to 20 cm. 

The log wall planks are machine-planed with cut keyways and slots. 

The edges are broken.

The corner joints are shaped in a way that avoids the warping of the wood (pre-headers or on request with a curved dovetail joint).



  • purely biological method of construction
  • minimal settling due to very good technical drying and milled keyways and slots
  • dry building method – no building moisture
  • healthy, pleasant house climate
  • compensation of temperature fluctuations
  • multiple filtering of stale air
  • regulation of air humidity
  • possibility of combination with all of the other wall systems
  • typical “wood scent” 
  • long-lasting and stable in value for generations
  • biologically clean materials
  • short construction time



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Wood framework wall

The framework construction is carried out in thicknesses of 10, 16, and 20 cm (outside walls) and 5, 10, and 16 cm (inside walls). 


The joints of all walls are glued together hermetically. All anchorings and sealing strips for the wall sockets and the empty tubing for the electrical installation (without cabling) are included. 


The internal side of the outer wall holds an installation lathing with plasterboards for the electrical and sanitary installations. 


The inside wall consists of a framework construction in spruce wood with thermal insulation (in between) and planking with a 15 mm panel of wood-based material on both sides. On it a plasterboard or a wood planking can be affixed.

If a higher sound insulation is required, the framework wall is provided with a double timbering.


  • lightweight construction
  • inside lining plaster on plasterboard or wood planking
  • possibility of combination with all of the other wall systems
  • dry building method – no building moisture
  • short assembling and building time
  • timber construction system for modern building shapes
  • outer lining plaster or wood planking
  • small wall thickness with high insulating value



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Solid wood wall

The solid wood wall consists of spruce boards 23 mm thick connected crosswise by aluminium threaded nails. 


They are produced in a thickness from 11.5 to 34 cm. In each layer there are expansion keyways and grooves for air cushions that optimise the U value.
Sound insulation:

With a wall thickness of 34 cm, RW48 db according to the test report MFPA Leipzig.

Fire protection:

Fire protection evaluation for a wall thickness of 20.5 cm F90B according to the test report MFPA Leipzig. Burning velocity 0.7 mm/min. (verification according to DIN 4102).

High frequency radiation protection:

According to expert reports a massif monolithic solid wood wall shields up to 95% (34.5 wall) of high frequency radiation (mobile communications, TV, directional radio).


  • planning without limitations to the layout
  • simple „wood planning“ with homogeneous wall panels
  • no limitations in the inside and outside design
  • long-lasting and stable in value for generations
  • biologically clean materials
  • healthy, pleasant house climate due to much higher cooling times as comparable stone walls 
  • high stability of forms and solidity due to the cross like structure
  • no hollow sections in the wall, consequently no hollow sound
  • short construction time – personal contribution possible
  • no building moisture – dry building method
  • possibility of combination with all of the other wall systems, thus suitable for conversion, annex, and expansion works
  • milled-in installations



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