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A pounding heart… for 50 years now


It pounds and pounds and pounds, our heart. Strongly, and always in the beat of nature. Here are the stations of our timber work career in the last 40 years.


1967 Herbert and Hilde Maier found the firm Holzbau Maier KG

1969 The first wooden houses are built in careful manual labour

1970 We buy our first joinery machine for the production of log wall corner joints

1972 We build a new factory building with a sawmill

1980 Our daughter Gundi joins the firm

1986 We purchase the first automatic joinery system, a computer controlled four-side block leveller

1990 We introduce CAD planning

1996 A further production hall for the joining of log houses is added

1997 Quickly into the future: We celebrate the 30th anniversary of our firm and our daughter Birgit, graduate architecture engineer, enters the firm

1998 We need more room and build a further new production hall for joining roof trusses

1999 We join „Holzbau Salzburg “

2000 New establishment of the firm Herbert Maier KG into Holzbau Maier GmbH & Co. KG. Gundi and Birgit Maier become partners

2001 We optimize the production process and invest again in new technology. A second Mühlböck wood drying chamber and the CNC joinery machine „Hundegger K2“ are bought

2002 We keep building: a new hall is created for storing old wood

2003 Lots of wood are cut: we renew our sawmill

2004 Our locksmiths and fitters move into the new workshop. We invest in our third Mühlböck wood drying chamber

2005 Our shop „Holzmarkt“ in Mittersill is revitalized

2006 We are bursting at the seams: we enlarge our joinery stock house and buy a panel cutting machine

2008 Opening of the exhibition “Impress with wood”

2009 Tyrolean advertising award in the category “advert”. Opening of the new “Hoiz-Tower” on company grounds.

2009 Presentation of the Austrian national coat of arms award for “Best training enterprise”. Co-partner of Senningerfeld Projektentwicklungs- und Verwertung GmbH.

2010 Our wood is used for the roof of the new Smaragdbahn lower lift station.

2011 Recognised with the Salzburg wood construction award for our “Hoiz Tower”. Awarded “Ad of the Year” by business magazine “Wirtschaftsnachrichten West”.

2011 Construction of a new production hall and sales office.

2011 Birgit Maier successfully passes the master carpenter exam.

2011 Healthy living environment for our customers. Development of allergy-friendly wooden buildings in a joint research project with the Paracelsus University of Salzburg and Dr. Arnulf Josef Hartl.

2011 In a research project carried out as a member of “Arge Blockhaus”, in collaboration with bvfs Salzburg (Institute for Structural Testing and Research in Salzburg) and Egle Engineering, we proved that the actual energy required to heat log construction buildings was 40% lower than the method of calculation currently in use.

2012 Investment in our IT systems. Move to the M-Soft calculation programme by Braun-EDV im Handwerk.



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A life dedicated to wood

Herbert Maier * 29.12.1939 † 19.07.2010


Even though he’s no longer with us his love lives on.


In the summer of 2010, our beloved husband and father unexpectedly passed away in an accident. Everyone who had the good fortune to know him will remember how he campaigned for the business and region with passion and commitment. Most recently Herbert Maier played a leading role in the construction of the “Smaragdbahn” lift on the Wildkogel. He was a forward thinking visionary – continuing his life’s work in this way is something we hold close to our hearts.


Hilde, Gundi, Karoline and Birgit Maier

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