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Winter, moon, and love


" Our live is to build, our philosophy to make a good job". 


In order to answer this quality claim every day, we never accept compromises, neither as far as the raw material wood is concerned, nor in its processing. Thus our wood is felled only in December, January, and February, as winter timber 

is just unbeatable: the cold temperatures and the long nights make it particularly durable, and your house stable forever.


No humbug, it’s a knowledge passed down through generations: the moon does have an influence. A part of our lumber is felled only with particular moon phases and signs of the zodiac. We rely on the experience of our sawmill master and on the knowledge of two moon experts, Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe. 


By the way, our felling times are certified every year by the Austrian national forestry commission.

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