Video Timeline

Chapter 1 - Vision

Can we think a house differently?
Can we create a house with a minimal footprint by covering the least amount of land?
Can we create a house with ecological materials, regional technology and local craftsmanship?
Can we build it as close to nature as possible?
And how does that building look, if it is designed through the naive eyes of a child?
These were the questions starting this journey.
The answer was "Bert". And the videos tell his birth story.

Chapter 2 - Design

Bert is a treehouse. And like a treem it has its main infrastructure within its trunk and the rooms with a view in its branches. Bert has a flexible, modular and ecological mindset and this video tells about the ideas of his creation.

Chapter 3 - Wood

We are positive that our tree-houses will close the gap between man and nature and at the same time amphasize the great importance of local sourcing, design and craftmanship.
Our partner and friends from Holzbau Maier have over 50 years experience in working with this incredible material.

Chapter 4 - Glass

Bert's glass needed a special solution, because the glass is only good when it is as unnoticeable as possible. It's the connection between Bert and nature.

Chapter 5 - Water

Bert should be as comfortable as possible, that's why we designed round bathrooms right in the heart, in the center of Bert.

Chapter 6 - Growth

What we believe our project proves is the fact, that when the right people come together, when the passion is there, when you have a vision, then really anything is possible.
Just don't take yourself too serious.

Chapter 7 - Living

Baumbau was bred and raised in the mountains of Salzburg - just like its developers and caretakers.